Mevalia Bread Mix

A versatile mixture for baking all kinds of tasty homemade bread and other dough-based foods, including pasta. So why not rise ti the occasion and test your culinary skills.

Mevalia Burger mix

A great low protein alternative to meat. Suitable for preparing Hamburgers. Bolognese sauce and other savory recipes in substitution of the hamburger.

Mevalia Cabattine

Fancy a ciabatta roll to duck in your soup, or to pile high with your favorite felling. You've just found it.

Mevalia Chocotino

Experience a little indulgence: Individually wrapped low protein chocotino bars. A delight for all chocolate lovers with the finest cocoa taste.

Mevalia Detali Pasta

A Pasta For Young And Old: Perfect For Different Sauces, Stews And Pasta Bakes.

Mevalia Egg Replacer

The tasty way to replace EGG. For the preparation of sweet and salty food. Gives dough a soft texture and an appealing color.

Mevalia Frollini Biscuits

Enjoy these sweet shortbread biscuits with a cup of coffee or tea or simply when you deserve a treat.

Mevalia Fruit Bar

Fruity and nutritious: The low protein strawberry bar for a delicious snack any time, and where. Individually wrapped for your convenience.

Mevalia Fusilli Pasta

The Traditional Corkscrew Shaped Pasta That's The Perfect Choice For Preparing Delicious Salad's.

Mevalia Mini Baguette

Traditional style mini french Baguettes individually.

Mevalia Pan Carre

Classic Soft Sliced Bread Ready To Eat St-aright From The Packet, Whether You Want Tasty Toast For Breakfast Or A Scrummy Sandwich For Lunch

Mevalia Pane Casereccio

Super soft and tasty sliced bread containing herbs. Straight from the pack or toasted. Its distinctive flavor is super to please you.

Mevalia Pasta Penne


Mevalia Pizza Base

Quick and easy to prepare. this pair of pizza bases are ready to bake. Just add some tasty toppings and cook in the oven for a few minutes.

Mevalia Rice

Great to prepare for both side and main dishes. Mevaila rice is a versatile staple for many following a low protein diet.