ASPECTON Cough Syrup, 100ml

Composition: Thyme soft extract 6.69g/100ml
Indication: Aspecton@ Cough Syrup is an herbal medicine for common cold ailments of the respiratory tract. Aspecton@ Cough Syrup is used to improve symptoms in common cold ailments of the respiratory tract with thick mucus, as well as to improve symptoms in acute bronchitis.

BUDENA 50mcg/Actuation, pressurized inhalation suspension, 200 Puffs (10ml)

Composition: Budesonide 50mcg/actuation
Indication: Treatment of bronchial asthma, in patients who have not previously responded to therapy with bronchodilators and/or anti-allergics.

BUTO-ASMA 100mcg/dose inhaler, 200 doses

Composition: Salbutamol 100mcg
Indication: Salbutamol is prescribed to get quick relief from an Asthma attack or to prevent exercise-induced asthma.

BUTOSOL, 10ml aerosol, 200 doses

Composition: Salbutamol (sulfate) - 100mcg, Beclometasone dipropionate - 50mcg
Indication: The combination of Salbutamol/Beclomethasone Dipropionate (BUTOSOL) in a single inhaler guarantees steroid treatment and simplifies the therapeutic regimen. The combinations beclometasone/salbutamol (BUTOSOL), used as needed, can also be considered as reliever medications.

Hedecton cough syrup, 100 ml

Composition: Soft extract of Hedera helix 0.8g (Ivy Leaf) Indication: Hedecton® cough syrup is a herbal medicinal product for use in common colds affecting the respiratory tract. Hedecton® cough syrup is used to treat common colds affecting the airways, for alleviation of symptoms in chronic inflammatory bronchial diseases. If symptoms persist for prolonged periods or if labored breathing, fever or expectoration of purulent or bloody sputum occur, please consult a doctor without delay.

Loitin 150mg, 1 Veggie Capsule

Composition: Fluconazole 150mg Indication: Treatment of acute or recurring vaginal candidiasis and prophylaxis to reduce the incidence of recurring vaginal candidiasis (3 or more episodes per year). Treatment of dermatomycoses, including infections by tinea pedis, tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea ungium (onychomycosis) and Candida dermal infections. Treatment of balanitis by Candida. Prevention of relapse of oropharyngeal candidiasis in AIDS patients.

Nebu Aldo Easy Pro Nebulizor

Thanks to self-excited oscillation circuit, the ceramic sheets contained in nebulizing head together with the metal mesh are driven successively to oscillate at a high frequency, which makes the liquid flow through the micromesh of the metal mesh and be ejected and nebulized to form inhalant aerosol. The medicine passes through the inhalation mask to the patient’s respiratory system, in order to achieve the purpose of inhalation treatment.


The device is a mesh nebulizer, designed to aerosolize liquid medicines for inhalation therapy in professional healthcare environment and in home healthcare environment. Suitable for pediatric and adult patient, infants, children and people with disabilities. It should be used under supervision of an adult.

NEBUALDO Pocket Control

The Portable Mesh Nebulizer NEBUALDO POCKET CONTROL is designed for the aerosolization of medication in liquid form for inhalation therapy by the patient. It is a medical device committed to the care and improvement of the quality of life of people suffering from asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases. It’s suitable for use in hospitals, outpatient clinics and domestic use.

Nutrimer Isotonic Nasal Spray, 50ml

Composition: Aqua, Maris Aqua (Seawater 26,8ml up to 100ml)
Indication: Daily nasal hygiene for babies, children, and adults, humidification of the nasal mucosa, and prevention of rhino-pharyngeal infections.

Nutrimer Unidoses Multi-Purpose

Composition: Aqua, Maris Aqua (Seawater)
Indication: Daily nasal hygiene for babies, children, and adults; humidification of the nasal mucosa; and prevention of rhino-pharyngeal infections.


Anti-static inhalation chamber with valve for aerosol. Compatible with most of MDI inhalers.


Silicone mask for use in adults with the Universal-chamber inhalation chamber, for children aged from 4 years up to adults who are unable to inhale using a mouthpiece.


This pack contains two Silicone masks for use with the Universal-chamber inhalation chamber in infants and children, respectively. For children younger than 2 years, and children aged 2 to 4.

Utabon Nasal Spray, 15ml Solution

Composition: Oxymetazoline HCl 0.5mg/ml Indication: Indicated for the symptomatic local and temporary relief of nasal congestion in colds, allergic rhinitis and other nasal conditions such as sinusitis in adults and children over 6 years old. Utabon belongs to a group of medicines called sympathomimetics which acts producing local vasoconstriction and nasal decongestion.